Jim Wellman Interview

Chris Dickins speaks with Jim Wellman, founding member of the acid jazz and funk group The Brand New Heavies, about his new concept album titled Dawn To Dusk.  

Akie Kotabe
Akie Kotabe Interview
Emrhys Cooper
Emrhys Cooper Interview
Carina Birrell
Carina Birrell Interview

The Funk Soul Sugarbowl EP62

Join Chris Dickins for 2 hours of sweet soul music and a whole heap of funk as he plays you the very best of yesteryear, today and tomorrow. The Funk Soul Sugarbowl is available as…

The Funk Soul Sugarbowl #35
The Funk Soul Sugarbowl Show #34
The Funk Soul Sugarbowl #22

Overheard Conversations

This is a new blog, celebrating the non-incriminating things I overhear. I’m a good listener but i’m scared and annoyed by 92.7% of the general public, so this should be fun. Rad it on Instagram…