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I’m pleased to say that the privilege of talking to some of the finest emerging talent in the entertainment business will continue well in to the new year. And this is not a bad way to start!Akie Kotabe stars as “Dead Man” opposite Salma Hayek in the hotly anticipated upcoming action/thriller Everly. I chatted to Akie about his beginnings as a movie fan, his impressive career so far and the big screen experience as Dead Man.Akie KotabeI can’t say it was one person in general that inspired me – I grew up loving the weekends as I’d get to rent movies (back when they were at the grocery store on VHS), and always thought it would be the coolest job ever.  To this day I believe that; and am inspired by anybody who has worked for a long time in a very unpredictable business.  
I find acting in general to be fun.  If it is a challenge, I’d like to try it.  In terms of what I watch though, I find myself tending towards watching dramatic films and shows.  But comedy is in everything!

Akie is known for his TV appearances, the big screen, the stage and voice work; as for as experience goes, variety is as it is important as quantity;

I believe it is important to gain as much experience as possible, I think having life experience in general outside of the business is crucial as well.  But acting is a great varied medium, and not an exact science, so I think it best to find what works for each person.  Right now I’m eyeing hopefully getting to work on a great new video game similar to The Last of Us – that would really make my day, and I’d love to get more into motion capture simultaneously while getting my facial reactions gotten.

There’s been a surge in great TV drama in recent years; Mad Men, in which Akie played Akira Takahashi is a perfect example of how TV series are a huge part of pop culture now. This has undoubtedly had an effect on the movie industry:

I think TV and movies are somewhat starting to blend together.  24 is an example of a show that might turn into a movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.  I do like the solid beginning-and-end feel of a single movie, but again, nowadays, many movies have sequels and trilogies in mind, or more.  Story telling is key, and actors are just cogs in the machine to bring an entertaining story to life.  I’m still waiting for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series to show up on the big (or silver) screen.  I’m a huge fan of his.

 Akie Kotabe

Since appearing in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit there have been a number of great movie roles for Akie Kotabe to show his big screen potential. However, there are still a few bucket list items to go:

I believe making the choice to make London my main base had something to do with getting more film work, as there is a lot of it casting here and shooting in Europe.  For me, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit felt like a nice moment, part of my bucket list that I’m glad to have had the experience of.  But I plan to work in both, and still travel back to Los Angeles in the hopes of landing a regular role on a television show I really enjoy working on.  So many things on that bucket list!

With the release of Everly approaching, naturally I tried to find out what I could about Dead Man:

I don’t want to give too much away, but I play a man who is suffering from a mortal wound throughout the film, and decide to try and help Everly (Salma Hayek) in her escape. 

 Akie Kotabe

The big screen experience in recent years has helped Akie in this huge role alongside Salma Hayek:

Being comfortable and ready to play were probably the best things having big screen experience helped with.  The rest came from having an excellent director and amazing actress to work opposite.

Hard work pays off and Akie’s loving every moment of it!I think to keep being open to new challenges, work hard, and enjoy the process as much as I can.  Thanks again for your time!

Don’t miss Everly starring Akie Kotabe and Salma Hayek, in theatres from 10 April!Everly

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