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I’m mostly seen in, or hovering around a radio station. I’m currently involved in all things marketing at Smooth Radio East Midlands where I spread the good word that relaxing music is without a doubt the most pleasant way to spend one’s day.

When i’m not tying to run things smoothly, I host The Funk Soul Sugarbowl every week on a number of on-air and online platforms across the world, a two-hour music focused celebration of my favourite genres featuring artists from my mum’s upbringing all the way to the present day.

For those who like their music relaxing but less distracted by kitchen advertisements and my frequent ramblings, I will shortly begin hosting a weekly podcast dedicated to artists who share their work completely free of charge. It’s going to be the easiest and cheapest way to download yourself some downtime.

Even when all this is done, I somehow find a way to carry on talking. I also work as a voiceover for radio, films and anything else that requires a jolly sounding fella with a gloriously non existent accent.

Get in touch to discuss any of the above; enjoy the shows!




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  1. Hi, Dicko. I’ve just had an email regarding the Carl Lawson script (which I thought was pretty boss, meself)which brought me to investigate your show. Anyway, I’m a famous lactose-intolerant actor and would love to talk to you live on your show about the possibilities of lactose-free fudge developing in a main-stream capacity in the foreseeable future, and what this might mean for a wider society.

    Give me a bell, dear boy. I’d be delighted

    Kind regards, Andrew Lancaster

    (P.S.; Google me in ‘Images’ – you get some weird sh*t)

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