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I’m mostly seen in, or hovering around a radio station, mainly Smooth Radio East Midlands. Putting an event on one day, writing an ad the next, dangling our breakfast show host off a tall building the next.

I also host The Funk Soul Sugarbowl every week on a number of on-air and online platforms across the world, a two-hour music focused celebration of my favourite genres featuring artists from my mum’s upbringing all the way to the present day.

Even when all this is done, I somehow find a way to carry on talking. I also work as a voiceover for radio, films and anything else that requires a jolly sounding fella.

If i’ve written it, recorded it or stolen it, you can find it all here.




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  1. Hi, Dicko. I’ve just had an email regarding the Carl Lawson script (which I thought was pretty boss, meself)which brought me to investigate your show. Anyway, I’m a famous lactose-intolerant actor and would love to talk to you live on your show about the possibilities of lactose-free fudge developing in a main-stream capacity in the foreseeable future, and what this might mean for a wider society.

    Give me a bell, dear boy. I’d be delighted

    Kind regards, Andrew Lancaster

    (P.S.; Google me in ‘Images’ – you get some weird sh*t)

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