Author: Chris Dickins

  • Ring De Bell EP04 – Resurgence

    You disgust me. Also, Wrestling Resurgence presents Spandex Ballet.

  • Ring De Bell EP03 – 07586752683

    Time to Ring De Bell. Call 07586752683, 24/7. Also, you ruined my week.

  • Ring De Bell EP02 – Summerslam

    Recap of PCW 7th Anniversary, and why you ruined Summerslam.

  • Ring De Bell EP01 – Introduction

    Ring De Bell Episode 1 – introduction. A brief explanation to this brief but necessary endeavor. We will kick things off in mid-August, after my five-star break in The Cotswolds […]

  • About Chris De Bell

    Professional Wrestling Manager, Creative Consultant, Motivational Speaker #RingDeBell I am a self made award winning Talent Manager and Advertising Executive, who has transitioned from the world of Broadcast Media to […]

  • Welcome

    If you don’t embrace change, get ready to be left behind. Podcast coming soon. #RingDeBell